The FST program allows qualified trade workers with international experience to work and settle permanently in Canada.

Who can apply for the Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)?

Similar to FSWP and CEC under Express Entry, the FSTP also uses a CRS-based ranking system and invites qualified trade applicants based on a cut-off score. The applicants need to demonstrate their prior local or international work experience related to the particular NOC.

Detailed Criteria for FSTP Application:

  • Professional background: The applicant must fulfill the following requirements: 
    • At least two years of full-time work experience in Canada or outside Canada. (or, equivalent part-time experience)
    • The experience should be within the most recent 5 years.
    • It is not necessary to demonstrate continuous work experience.
    • The work experience will only be counted after the applicant achieved the relevant trade certification to perform the job.
  • Offer of employment:
    • A valid offer of employment for at least one year. This requirement is, however, optional if the applicant has a relevant and eligible trade certification
    • The offer of employment should fall into one of the designated NOCs for skilled trade.
  • Relevant trade certification:
    • If a provincial or territorial authority from Canada awards a trade certification to the applicant, it can be used as an alternative to the employment offer.
    • To achieve the certificate, you will typically have to pass the certification exam governed by the regulatory body.
    • You will also have to fulfill the requirement for that particular trade area, and relevant provincial requirements to practice, as applicable.
  • Language: The minimum language requirement is
    • Speaking and Listening: CLB 5
    • Reading and Writing: CLB 4

What are the eligible NOCs for the FST Program?

Experience in only one of the following NOCs codes is accepted:
  • Industrial, electrical and construction trades, categorized under major group 72
  • Equipment operations and maintenance trades, categorized under major group 73
  • Supervisory and technical roles from natural resources, agriculture and related products, categorized under major group 82
  • Supervisors and central control operators in processing, manufacturing and utilities, categorized under major group 92
  • Chefs and cooks, categorized under minor group 632
  • Butchers and bakers, categorized under minor group 633.

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