The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program (RNIP) allows some small, rural communities from Ontario, Western Canada, and three other territories to hire foreign professionals. There are, in total, 11 communities from 5 provinces currently participating under it.

Eligibility Requirements for RNIP

  • Recommendation: The most important requirement for RNIP is, you need to obtain a recommendation certificate from one of the designated communities.
  • Job Offer: A valid job offer from an employer located in the designated communities is required.
  • Work or Education:
    • At least 1 year of full-time work experience (1,560 hours) in the last 3 years under the relevant NOC code is required. Due to Covid-19, IRCC now allows accumulated and non-continuous work experience.
      • For NOC 0 Job Offer: Experience must be in NOC 0 or A.
      • For NOC A Job Offer: Experience must be in NOC 0, A or B.
      • For NOC B Job Offer: Experience must be in NOC A, B, or C.
      • For NOC C Job Offer: Experience must be in NOC B or C.
      • For NOC D Job Offer: Experience must be in NOC D.
    • As an alternative to having relevant professional experience, you can also apply if you have graduated from a publicly-funded post-secondary institution from one of the designated communities.
  • Language:The language requirement varies depending on the NOC level of your job offer.
    • For NOC 0 and A: CLB 6
    • For NOC B: CLB 5
    • For NOC C and D: CLB 4.
  • Education: Post-secondary or high school diploma is required. You will need to provide an ECA report for your foreign qualifications.
  • Proof of Fund: You will need to provide proof of funds for settlement in Canada. However, if you are already in Canada at the time of application, you will be exempt from the proof of funds requirement.
  • Miscellaneous: You must express your intention and commitment to settle in the designated community.
  • There are also some other community-specific requirements.
Total maximum points for all six factors is 100. And currently, an applicant has to achieve 67 or more points under this grid to qualify for the FSW program.

Participating Communities

To apply for the community recommendation, you must contact the participating communities directly.

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