A Temporary Resident Permit or TRP allows the applicant to live in Canada temporarily, overcoming the inadmissibility.

If you are inadmissible in Canada for any reason, and still have a good reason to visit or stay in Canada, a TRP will allow you to do so. The permit was previously known as the minister’s permit.

Similar to humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) applications, you can only apply for TRP under exceptional circumstances, and you should not consider it as a regular visa option.

Please note the following characteristics related to TRP:

  • TRP is usually single-entry based. Once you leave Canada, it automatically becomes invalid. You will need to apply for a new one if you intend to visit Canada again. However, under exceptional circumstances, the authority may also issue multiple-entry TRP.
  • The visa officer will decide if you can work or study during the validity of TRP. Without specific permission, generally TRP does not allow you to work or study during your stay.
If the authority wants to cancel your TRP before the specified time they will send you a letter explaining the concerns and giving you an opportunity to address those concerns. With a convincing response, it may be possible for you to keep the TRP valid.

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