Any foreign national who is not a Canadian citizen or PR, usually needs to apply for a work permit before they can work in Canada. There are two broad types of work permits –
  • Employer-specific Work Permit: It allows you to work for a particular employer with certain limitations. If the position is LMIA-exempt, employers need to submit the offer of employment directly to IRCC and pay a compliance fee of CAD 230. Only then you can apply for the permit.
  • Open Work Permit: In contrast, an open work permit does not limit you with any particular employer. Instead you can choose any employer of your choice in compliance with the permit.

Applying for Work Permit from outside of Canada

It is possible to apply for a work permit even if you are not in Canada. In such cases, IRCC will issue you a port of entry letter of introduction to help you land in Canada. Then upon further verification, the immigration officers will issue your work permit right at the port of entry.

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