The spousal work permit or Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP) lets your spouse to work in Canada for any employers if you are:
  • A skilled worker working in NOC level 0, A or B, or,
  • An international student residing and studying in Canada, or,
  • An applicant of the Atlantic Immigration Program.
  • A Canadian PR or Citizen whose spouse is currently in Canada and for whom you have applied for a Spousal Sponsorship. Refer to Spousal Sponsorship for more knowledge about this.
Spousal WP has a minimum validity of 6 months, and it is exempted from the LMIA process under code C41. Usually, the work permit’s validity for your spouse is the same as your study or work permit validity.

Required documents to apply

The following documents are required to apply for a work permit for your spouse:
  • Proof of your status in Canada (Study permit with validity of at least 6 months),
  • Proof of your full-time enrolment at a DLI),
  • Proof that your spouse has financial and personal ties to their home country,
  • Proof of finances,
  • Proof of relationship with you.
If you are a skilled worker working in Canada (under NOC 0, A or B), you will need to submit proof of your work permit (with at least 6 months validity) and 3 recent pay-stubs.

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