The Dependent Child Sponsorship program lets you sponsor your dependent child under the age of 22 to help them migrate to Canada. The program allows both biological and adopted children to be sponsored.

Eligibility to sponsor

There are certain criteria you must meet to sponsor your child. Those are:
  • You must be 18 or above, a Canadian citizen or PR, living in Canada, or intending to return to Canada, or a  person registered under the Indian Act of Canada.
  • You can meet the basic needs of your own and your dependent family members including spouse and children.
Additionally, similar to the other family sponsorship programs, receiving social assistance other than disability, failure to pay back immigration loans, or conviction of serious crimes will void eligibility to become a sponsor.

Eligibility of the child to be sponsored

The child must qualify as a dependent, which means –
  • They have to be a biological or adopted child of a Canadian PR or citizen.
  • They are aged under 22 and not married.
It is also possible for children over 22 to qualify as a dependent if – 
  • They have a persistent physical and mental disability limiting their ability to make a living and;
  • They have been financially dependent on their parents since before 22. 
You can also sponsor the child of your spouse too.

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